EDC Programming

EDC Programming

by Melissa

A lot of companies provide EDC platforms for EDC studies with potentially huge price differences. We’re capable of tapping into a third-party platform and design and validate a study database within budget and without compromising quality.

We either work with our clients on the selected platform or help selecting one if undecided yet. We’re familiar with most systems by knowing their pros and cons. We interact with EDC providers regularly to refresh and expand our knowledge bases.

After the EDC platform is selected, our technical team will be quickly deployed to work on study build with full documentation of testing and validations:

  • Combined over 25 years of experience of database programming
  • Certified Rave study build and administrator
  • eCaseLink
  • ePRO and IVRS/IWRS integrated solutions
  • MedDRA and WHODRUG coding

We’ll deliver the first-class-work within your budget! Look forward to receiving your requirements or your request for more information: info@accuclinglobal.com.